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  1. NOTE: If you receive a "Connection Is Not Private" message just click the ADVANCED button then Proceed to QuizStuff.com at the bottom of the screen.   

    QuizMachine version 5.4.J30 is now available for download .  This program is required for the USB Interface Boxes but does not work with the Parallel Box. Please use Version 4.2.L55 for the parallel box.  MicroSoft Operating System version 10 is preferred. Other Operating Systems from MicroSoft are either discontinued or soon will be and may not work properly. If you have a Parallel Box and would like it upgraded, contact us and a tech can give you a price.

  2. QuizMachine Version 4.2.L55 (July 2014) (download) This version will work with Windows 7. This is also a free 30 day trial version.

  3. QuizMachine User Manual (PDF) Version 4.0.0 (download) Includes instructions for QMServer; contact us for more information about using QMServer.
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We also have interface boxes, pads, pad cover replacements and computers for sale. These are excellent for both QuizMachine and personal use.

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