Updated on 01/20/2023 (Payment Information)
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Latest Updates-QuizMachine Version 5.4.J30

UPDATE: Yellow has been changed to blue in the new version. The new version of QuizMachine is available. See the downloads section. Please note that the new USB Interface Boxes must use version 5 of the program but the new version can be used for older USB Interface Boxes. The new program and Interface Boxes will not work with Windows XP and Windows 7 (this version may still work but no guarantees), as those versions of the Operating System are no longer supported. Version 4 will still work and is still available for download.

The equipment on this site is all custom made and can take several weeks or more to make depending on the number of open orders. The time depends on the number of orders (and availability of parts.

USB Interface Boxes are $135 per box plus shipping costs.The new program is backward compatible and must be used with the new interface boxes.  Thank you for your patience as we have purchased all the material and anticipate the program to work soon after testing.

ARE YOUR CLONE PADS FALLING APART? We can replace the pad over with new material and sew all 4 sides (no glue for longer life). Cost is dependent on what needs to be done. A proposal for costs will be sent for approval.

PADS ARE BEING MADE AS FAST AS WE CAN! Order pads (red, blue (old yellow) and green to match QuizMachine).

The cost is $75 per string, shipping now added per string. Place orders now by clicking on the view and order products button. These pads work with QuizMachine and the USB and parallel port interface boxes. We CANNOT guarantee the pads to work with any other equipment.

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Only checks are accepted.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note payments to be made to William L Horning and mailed to the address on the invoice.

Windows 11 has not yet been fully tested. If you attempt to use it for QuizMachine please know that some privacy options may not allow you to download from our QuizStuff site until changed. More information to follow.

Only version 4 or 5 will work with Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. MicroSoft Surface with Windows RT is not compatible (very sorry). Nor is Linux or any Apple Operating Systems.  iPads, Chromebooks and Tablet devices are not supported at this time.

We have computers for sale that are excellent for both QuizMachine and personal use. These are laptops, refurbished. Let us know what you need and we can get it for you.

Parallel interface boxes ARE NO LONGER BEING MADE! REPAIR OR UPGRADE PARALLEL INTERFACE BOXES to the USB version contact Keith Jones

We DO NOT RECOMMEND using any PCMCIA and Express parallel port cards with QuizMachine.  We cannot support this technology any longer.